What’s in a Name

The Flying Pig cureSmiths (formerly Eighteen94 CureSmiths) is the husband/wife team of Gil and Aleks Ferreira.

The brand consists of 3 elements:

  1. The Flying Pig cureSmiths – The Charcuterie/ Meat curing side of the business;&
  2. The Flying Pig Café/ Deli – The retail outlet in Darling, Western Cape.
  3. The Flying Pig ‘Pop-up’ Deli – We unpack our wares and food at events and markets

Charcuterie is at the heart of what we do – At FPcS, we make artisanal slow-cured meats based on traditional recipes, specifically focusing on the Charcuterie of France, Italy, Poland and Spain.

Our products are made with pork from pigs raised on locally-owned (Darling region) sustainable farms.


Good charcuterie is directly affected by the quality of the pork, and we go to great lengths to obtain the best pigs available. The pigs are humanely pasture-raised and are fed all-vegetarian feeds (antibiotic-free and never fed animal by-products).


We achieve the gentlest curing process possible, preserving the superior quality of our pork. The process begins by hand-rubbing the meat with carefully mixed spice blends. They are then cooled for a while to allow the salt and spices to penetrate. We carefully monitor temperature and humidity while curing. Products are hung for drying, where they are closely monitored for appearance and taste in our bespoke curing room.


Our dry-cured sausages (salami) include:

  • Saucisson Sec,
  • Felino,
  • Krakowska,
  • Spanich Dry Cured Chorizo,
  • Cold Smoked Chorizo,
  • Diablo,
  • Crespone,
  • Sopressatta Romana.

Our range full whole-muscle cured meats, include:

  • Culatello
  • Spanish Style Jamon
  • Prosciutto,
  • Coppa,
  • Lonzo,
  • Spalla
  • Smoked Back Bacon
  • Smoked Streaky Bacon

We also make these fresh sausages:

  • Breakfast Porkies
  • Bangers
  • Mexican Chorizo
  • Toulouse sausage

In addition, we’re excited to present our range of Italian-style cooking fats, including Pancetta and Guanciale, which are gaining a lot of popularity among chefs and cooks, alike, and are an essential ingredient in authentic Italian preparations.

We love experimenting too, with things like European Wild Board – and also our increasingly popular Bacon Jam, that we make from the offcuts of our bacon.

The bespoke cureSmiths is situated at The Flying Pig Café in Darling, where you can come and see us at work, and view our cured meats in our curing chamber through viewing panels, right in the café/ deli.


In September 2015 we decided to open a small retail space Darling.

The Flying Pig Café is more a European style cafe/ deli, serving arguably, the best coffee in the Swartland (roasted right here on the West Coast), interesting cafe style food that really showcases our charcuterie, as well as many other products that are hand crafted or selected to ensure authenticity and integrity.

In the Deli we not only showcase our own craft charcuterie, but also the wonderful produce that is available in and around our town. The Flying Pig Café has become known as the “Darling Deli”.


Right from the start of our business we were about getting our product out to the public and as such we created a Mobile Deli, whereby we take the produce that we have to markets and events.

We spoke about what we would like to offer at markets and the key was to ensure that most people would be able to walk away buying something from us.

NB: We tailor make our offering for markets and events because of the wide range of products that we can offer. Obviously some of these items are already offered at markets and events and as such we do not believe and duplicating, so we tailor make what we bring with the organisers.

Apart from our charcuterie range we also can offer the following items, which again, has charcuterie at its heart:

  • Gourmet burger with bacon jam and cacciota cheese;
  • FP Salumi platters;
  • Bacon and egg rolls;
  • Wild Board Sausage Footlong;
  • BLT’s;
  • Salmon & Cream Cheese Bagels;
  • Cubano’s – Bacon, Ham, Cheese & Pickles on Sourdough;
  • Rubens – Pastrami, Cheese & Pickled Cabbage on Sourdough;
  • Smoked Pulled Pork & Slaw on Roosterbrood

On the sweet side we have partnered with Las Paletas to offer their Lollies from our stalls because like our product it is hand crafted and we find that at most markets there is a distinct lack of desert/ kids items that are fantastic.

We also offer artisan Coffee that is custom roasted for us right here on the West Coast. The Coffee offering includes:

  • Flat White/ Cappuccino
  • Espresso
  • Latte
  • Americano
  • Hot Choc
  • Teas
  • Milo

The markets and festivals that we currently do (and have done) include:

  • Langebaan Market
  • I Love Weskus Market
  • Groote Post Country Market
  • Poplars Country Market

Noteworthy Festivals that we have done and are up-coming;

  • Riebeeks Kasteel Olive Fest
  • Langebaan Lagoon Festival
  • Voorkamer Fest (Darling)
  • Darling Flower Festival
  • Yzerfontein December Festival
  • Taste of Cape Town (2015)
  • Kamers vol Geskenke (Johannesburg, Cape Town, Stellenbosch & Irene)
  • Diemersdal Plaasfees
  • KykNET Buite Ekspo